Controls blood sugar levels

Nutrients | amino acids: glycine, arginine

blood sugar levels rise when the cells in your body are unable to absorb the glucose it needs for energy. This is usually caused by inflammation.

Broth helps to improve digestion and reduce inflammation of the gut.

It helps you sleep

Nutrients | glycine

Having trouble catching quality ZZZs? Find your solution by whipping up this simmering bone soup. The amino acids in this nutrient-dense broth act as a weapon against disrupted sleep and insomnia. The gelatin in bone broth releases an amino acid called glycine, a compound which affects the neurotransmitters in the brain and induces melatonin production. Regular bone broth consumption will act as a natural sleep enhancer, so you can finally hit the pillow with no interruptions!

Enhances energy levels

Nutrients | glycine, glutamine

Ditch the coffee, people! A cup of bone broth will rev up your system just as much as your typical morning joe, without the unwanted side effects! The superfood’s combination of nutrients, electrolytes, and minerals have incredible hydrating powers that keep fatigue and sluggishness at bay.

Both of the amino acids, glycine and glutamine,  help with consistent energy metabolism, providing a truly sustained source of energy.

improves your mood

Nutrients | osteocalcin, calcium, magnesium

Feeling on edge and anxious? Reduce stress and anxiety by curling up to a soothing bowl of bone broth! The osteocalcin in the broth has a direct impact on your mood and anxiety levels, helping to boost the mood and ward off anxiety. In addition, the presence of minerals like Calcium and Magnesium relax the muscles, ultimately calming the body and mind as a whole.

Helps you recover quicker from a hard work-out

Nutrients | amino acids: glycine, proline

Bone broth is high in anti-inflammatory amino acids, glycine and proline, which have been shown to help speed the recovery process and reduce inflammation; allowing muscles and joints to heal quicker, and enabling us to get back to the gym faster.

So don’t put yourself through all that hard work for nothing! When it comes to post-workout recovery, it’s recommended to eat no later than 2 hours post workout in order to help with muscle recovery and to replenish the nutrients lost.