The Brothel is a brand created by Rainmakers Amsterdam and our brand philosophy is guided by the Positive Unknown. A Rainmaker is a creative and strategic business artist who creates positive solutions with brands for the end-user.

The Brothel is committed to changing the meat industry by making use of what local nature had to offer and giving back to our true nature what mono culture in the food industry took away. We want to change the way you think about food by shifting the focus from flavour to the effect it has on your feeling of well-being.

The Positive Unknown is committed to helping any 1 create a positive alternative to worldly problems, based on the positivity theory. A movement deconstructing fixed ways of thinking and looking for “HOW DO” by bringing extraordinary intuitive free-thinkers together. The Brothel donates a part of it’s revenue to The Positive Unknown to support new initiatives.


Amsterdam is a buzzing with diversity and breeding place of creativity. We see a the potential in every ONE and encourage any ONE to ask the question: “What do you add?” The Brothel was created because we want add diversity to the nutrition we have access to. We want to add to your feeling of well-being instead of your feeling of mouth entertainment. The abundance of nature is lost due to monoculture and industrialising the production of consumer goods. This is has resulted a global trend of lifestyle related diseases which we are trying to fight with medication and supplements. But it does not have to be like this! The Brothel will be setting the standard by partnering with a biolab to reveal the true contents of what you are putting in your body.

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We discovered the magic of bone broth when we started making it ourselves. And then on a trip to LA, discovered the potential of  and new ways to use fresh natural collagen. We decided to make our own recipe, focussing on only the best ingredients.By going straight to the source we shorten the production chain and we keep challenging ourselves to use as much a possible from the Brothel we create. We are now developing fine bone china from the beef bones and we even use the rich super healthy fat from the marrow as an add-in or to cook with. By creating awareness around eating local, you encourage people to start taking better care of their surroundings. Eventually all little steps will help us to realise a healthier planet.

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Our grass-fed beef bone comes from the best farmers around Amsterdam. The cows are raised on pastures and are treated well. These healthy animals produce the best ingredients nature has to offer and we handle them with love and care. Our beef brothel is simmered for at least 96 hours to slowly take out all the beneficial nutrients. Our chicken broth is made from local free range chicken and brewed for at least 36 hours.

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There is a limited supply of these high quality bones and we are looking for more farmers in Holland so new Brothels can be born in every major city in the Netherlands. By choosing to consume good, instead of buying consumer goods your buy is a direct vote for a better way to raise animals. This is why we believe that the our Brothel can even be part of a vegetarian diet.

By making a commitment to doing good we are keen to minimise the distance our brothel needs to travel to come to you. Our resellers and distributors are here to connect with you, educate you about the benefit of Brothel and love you access to you fresh daily dose of natural collagen.

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Your beautiful body, your brain and the way you feel depend on what you put in your mouth. We are learning more and more about the brain-gut relationship and that how you feel, starts with how you feed your gut. Variation is key. It is the symphony which makes the music. Bone broth is one of these foods, which has been around forever, and offers all the benefits you are now trying to get from your supplements. The nutrients in real, fresh, handmade, slow cooked bone broth, will create harmony in your music.

Don’t just take it from us, do your own research!
There is a lot of information out there about bone broth and all the benefits.



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The Brothel of Amsterdam is guided by the Positive Unknown