What is it

Fresh bone broth.

Locally brewed bone broth made of the best grass-fed beef – and free range chicken bones. Containing the most important building blocks for healthy skin, bones and joints.

100% beauty elixir and immune system booster. Feed Good Feel Good. Slow cooked with the best ingredients to retain all micro-nutrients. We take our time to provide optimum nourishment and serve it fresh to give you the maximum benefits.

No preservatives or salt added.

Discover the Broth


fights inflamation
soothes the gut
boosts gut health
helps with a healthy metabolism
improves digestive functions
helps to detox the liver and digestive system
supports healty joints
boosts fertility

makes your skin glow
supports healthy hair & nail growth
reduces cellulite
boosts cell rejuvenation
slows down the body's natural aging process
precents stretchmarks
helps clear up acne

Adding our Brothel to your daily diet will help you improve your feeling of well-being.

regulates your hormones
it helps you sleep
improves your mood
enhances energy levels
controls blood sugar levels
balances hormones
helps you recover quicker from a hard work-out.

The Brothel focusses on giving you the opportunity to consume good. We are all about creating win-win-win conditions so you have acces to products that are good for the planet, better for your environment and best for your self.



Drink it.Slurp it.Sip it.Lick it.Absorb it.

Chilled or hot. Customise to your own palette by adding fresh herbs and spices and a pinch of salt, or use it in your favourite dishes.

Need a hand? Get inspired by our recipes, so you can easily incorporate this nutritious bone broth in your daily routine.

Brothel is suitable for any ONE.

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