happy we found you - Amsterdam

“‘so happy we found you, in New York i used to have my fresh daily collagen shot and here I could not find that sensational broth. Then is bumped into you guys, I am gonna tell all my friends , they'lll love it “

addictive - Amsterdam

‘Watch out, it’s addictive, my whole being starts asking when when when again..”

had no gut - Amsterdam

“I really had no gut issues the next morning”

I am vegetarian - Amsterdam

“I am vegetarian but I recommend this brothel to my pregnant women and eat it myself as well”

It tastes as - Amsterdam

“It tastes as if mom made it for you and put extra love in it”

I am a fan - Amsterdam

“I am a fan of broth, I've been in many places, but this broth is next level with the croutons , wow, what a blast great experience of taste and flavours”